Golf Program

The Golf Program

At Riddell's we take great pride in our exceptional golf program.  We have a program for Men, Weekday Ladies, Weekend Ladies, Mixed, Juniors and Seniors.  Every program is capably planned and executed by volunteer members who are supported by the Club's professional staff.

The Men's Tournament Schedule is conducive to both the weekday and weekend player.  There is competitive golf at all levels but also informal leagues called "the sweep" that make every player feel welcome. The sweep runs on Wednesday afternoon and Saturday and Sunday late morning ...a great way for all members, new and not so new, to meet and compete in fun.   

The "Friday Ladies" have a weekly event on Friday mornings but periodically events are also planned for the weekends. The events are both match and medal competitions of various formats.  The program is extensive, social and well organized as you would expect.

The "Thursday Ladies" may fool you as the name does hide the fact that they play Saturday mornings.  Again organized competitions take place weekly. 

Riddell's is proud to be the host club for the Bermuda Seniors.  Although the Seniors move their play around to other clubs the majority of events are played at Riddell's Bay.  You will search long and hard to find a group that enjoys the camaraderie and competition more ...a great weekly event taking place Tuesday mornings.  Please note that the Bermuda Seniors are subject to either specific qualifications or by invitation as are the "Thursday Ladies".

The Mixed Program is extensive and unique with a minimum of one event each month with varied formats and levels of competition.  From Friday night 9 hole competitions ending with a socialable BBQ to 18 hole member/guest events, Riddell's has it all.  We even have a number of highly popular events that combine teams of men and women to compete ...not truly mixed but definitley lending itself to all our members getting to meet and play together. 

At Riddell's we take great pride in taking care of the future golfers.  Our professional staff have scheduled clinics and lessons making sure that the youngsters understand the etiquette and basics of the game.  We want to make sure that our members children are "taken care of"!

At Riddell's all your golfing needs are in good hands!